Hi, my name is Carlos Cuevas. Welcome to AfterImage, a personal blog I started in 2014 as a way to make me put pen to paper (or rather hands to keyboard) because lazy writers like me lack the discipline to do it every day.

The idea for the site is to talk about things that leave an impression or imprint in our minds. The films we watch, the music we Iisten to, the books we read, they all inform who we are, and I try to express how their afterimage makes me feel.


4 / 4

Excellent. Artistically and emotionally resonant.

3.5 / 4

Really good. A cut above the rest.

3 / 4

Solid all around. Interesting and enjoyable.

2.5 / 4

A pretty good attempt. Hits more than it misses.

2 / 4

Mostly average. A few worthwhile moments.

1.5 / 4

 A mess. Poor and ill-conceived.

1 / 4

Utter crap. Avoid at all costs.

Thanks for visiting!

Please also check out my sister site Cinesthesia.

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